We are the sisters behind Waterlily Homes.  We emigrated from the Soviet Union with our parents in 1977. Our family settled in Houston, and in 1984 we became American citizens.  Even though we are 7 years apart, we have always been very close.  We even decided that we had to live in the same city (3 houses apart), and chose our beloved Austin to call home. We are each other's best friend and in 2005, we became professional business partners when we launched our home renovation and construction company. Since then we have remodeled old homes, managed rental properties, and 5 years ago, embarked on new construction projects in the Austin area.  The path to our partnership took a circuitous route. Before becoming home builders, we pursued different careers, stayed home with kids for a while, and then finally decided we would be happiest working together.  The real estate industry in Austin was the perfect fit for our love of design and our love for this city. We realized very quickly that we also love building homes.


Liza Wimberley

After finishing her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, Liza began a career as a professional engineer at General Dynamics (now Lockheed).  Her work entailed fatigue and fracture analysis of fighter jets.  In 1995, Liza and her family moved to Austin, and she pursued painting and jewelry-making.  Her strengths and experiences in both the "right" and "left" brain areas allow her to bring a unifying vision and to our projects. Her experience as a professional engineer doing structural analysis brings a level of expertise beyond the typical general contractor. Her time spent studying painting and art has made her incredibly skilled with color and interior design elements.

Tina Barrett

Tina completed a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematical Sciences at Texas A&M and went on to earn her Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Texas at Austin.  Tina's thesis centered on experimental condensed matter physics with a focus on magnetic resonance imaging microscopy. She and her husband knew they wanted to stay in Austin (as just about everyone who comes here does) and since she was more in love with this city than with physics, she briefly worked at AMD before staying home with her two kids.  Tina's experience in math and experimental physics gives her a deep understanding of construction principles and an excellent eye for detail.